Talks on Ayahuasca

These are podcasts, interviews or talks on the subject of ayahuasca shamanism that I have found particularly interesting and inspiring. Keep in mind there are many different flavors of ayahuasca shamanism and one person’s account of their experiences is not a representation of the tradition.

London Reel – Nic Gabriel’s account of his experiences drinking at El Purguero center near Iquitos, Peru 

The Joe Rogan Experience – Graham Hancock on how Ayahuasca ended his abusive relationship with cannabis

The Joe Rogan Experience – Aubrey Marcus on his life changing transformation with Ayahuasca Shamanism

The Psychedelic Salon – Hamilton Souther from Blue Morpho on his initiation into shamanism and becoming a Curandero

The Entheogenic Evolution – Fantastic podcast on Psilohuasca, a slightly different but similar entheogen

The Entheogenic Evolution – Talat Jonathan Phillips on his spiritual path with Ayahuasca 


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