The Task at Hand

Alex_Grey_Gaia_crop As our world is in greater and greater crisis, the path of transformation beckons to us.
With this transformation occurring in pockets spread across the globe, the rapid increase of information serves to overwhelm and incapacitate many of the people who would otherwise be of great worth in the paradigm shift that is occurring. Multiplicity serves to create a sense of confusion in many, who feel that the task of getting a clear picture of what is occurring is too daunting and not possible for them.

In America, we’ve had the individualist and capitalist approach sculpt our thinking and tendencies from the very beginning of our understanding of the world and the environment we live in. These tendencies, I believe, even significantly impact our pursuits towards overcoming the system which created them. This is cause for a tremendous amount of multiplicity within the paradigm shift movements that are springing up with increasing speed. The initial inclination of many is to make a movement entirely unique to their own sensibilities, and while this is incredibly helpful, we lack a unifying principle.


Fragmentation is exactly what the capitalist mindset does, and exactly why it inevitably leads to competition above cooperation. I believe we need to overcome these deeply rooted tendencies within our efforts towards a functional paradigm shift. Most importantly, we will need to simplify the landscape of ideology that is conveyed to the larger public, so that we may alleviate the sense of debilitating confusion that arises when faced with a vast multiplicity of symbology and terminology, ultimately signifying the same principles.

The primary purpose of the Paradigm Shift Film Series is facilitating connection, not creating new memes and increasing the multiplicity of movements under the same guiding principles.
The fulfillment of the organization will be connecting individuals to pre-existing organizations working towards the same end that they individually take strongest interest in, ones that were previously unknown.

Tree Neurons_crop

In a functional paradigm shift, organizational solidarity must become as important as individual and group solidarity. This is a radical departure from the model for organizational relations that we are accustomed to, but a radical departure from the prevailing ideology is essential to the initiatives set in place by these organizations to begin with.

I believe we have the power already to make the changes that all of us are trying to enact separately, and that our roadblock is fragmentation.
To simplify and unify is the purpose. The guiding principles are the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor, and the primacy of the middle path.





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