April 29th: Some Final Remarks From Iquitos


Well my friends, I have had several ceremonies since my last submission and all I can say is this:
If you are wondering what your purpose in this life is, what is beyond this world of form, if there is anything that can be done to combat the emotional malaise of this culture, or how many times you can possibly vomit in a short period of time – Go to the amazon, find an authentic healer shaman, drink the foul tasting brew, reconnect with the spiritual realms, with the soul of the planet, and reclaim our birthright of connection with the vast network of life that surrounds us, but most importantly, found out who and what it is that you are.

You may or may not find what you are looking for, mother ayahuasca offers no promises, only keys to doors that you must unlock. However, the potential benefits are staggering for the preservation of our planet and the sanity of our collective consciousness.
By reconnecting us with our place in nature, mother aya forces us to confront the absurdity of what we have done with the planet and our lives. It is the absolute ideal medicine for the parasite of consumerism that plagues the planet, and I encourage anyone who has the courage to do so, to see what mother aya has to offer them. She has given me more than I could have ever hoped for.

That being said, if you do decide ayahuasca shamanism may be something you would like to explore personally, please consult me first so I can both find you an authentic and safe place to experience it in, and so I can make sure it is something that is suitable for your situation. The last thing I want is for you to be purging in the jungle high as a kite thinking “What the hell was Casey thinking?!?!”.

Notable Thoughts:

The antidote to fear is play.
Play is the principle of divine creation, fear is the principle of stagnancy and destruction. When you fear something in your mind’s eye, dare to play with it’s energy and form. You may be surprised to find your fear transformed into another tool in your toolbox.

The arbitrary distinction between external forces and internal forces is the number one downfall of theology.
You choose to identify yourself with a portion of reality that is in constant flux and contains many parts (your body, your mind), and yet you for some reason identify it as internal, as yourself. What you truly are is the fabric of all things, there is no internal or external. 
Is god inside or outside? It is a broken question, things are neither inside nor outside when perceived properly.

One of the biggest issues with the world is that people pursue paths that do not correspond with their inherent gifts and strengths, they try to be good at everything and as a result do a half-ass job at everything.
Fully accept your limitations, embrace your unique strengths.

When inside a problematic state of consciousness, thoughts arising from within that state are very unlikely to deliver you out of that state.

TRUST reality. When you trust reality, you may find most of your problems dissolve. Your primary relationship is with reality, remember that, never forget that.




1 thought on “April 29th: Some Final Remarks From Iquitos

  1. Faith in love.
    Thanks again for sharing these experiences. Reading this has helped to re-awaken a spiritual/religious/whatever you want to call it/ part of me that is always there but can sometimes fall asleep, if not consistently exercised!
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom too. This is the real deal……

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