Ego only sees ego

It seems that perhaps ego can only see ego. While I walk around the generously decorated halls of Riande hotel in Panama City, I see the familiar hotel hospitality from the staff – the smile and nod, the willingness the help with whatever absurd task the guest may desire, the commitment to ” excellence” , etc…

But, I see it veiling a deeper energetic contempt that permeates the atmosphere, perhaps something felt in the subconscious of the culture that prods the employees to reject this new standard of living, just barely not strong enough to fully manifest itself. The ego glazes over this with a smile, but I cannot imagine being able to feel comfortable around this energy that I feel behind the veil. I wonder if perhaps most Americans can not even recognize this energy, and if so, if perhaps it’s due to them being so incredibly out of touch with the energetic qualities of reality, that they can only perceive what is a reflection of their own state – pure ego.
They can only see the smile of the ego and not the contempt of the spirit, because they have become so out of touch with that aspect of reality. With this I do not mean to demonize ego, but rather emphasize the importance of higher awareness of all levels, lack of awareness of ego would be entirely chaotic.

This is, of course, an entirely phenomenological description of my experience and perception, it just astounds me that so many people can feel comfortable in this environment, it feels they are missing signals, but perhaps I am the crazy one, who knows amiright?

I am looking forward to the jungle, I head out for Iquitos…now!



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